YHBI is compassionate about building, training and mentoring youths who will hold the mantle of our community. Timely preparation is key to  our development.

Youth Academics has the power to unlock individual potential and ability in professional development and growth. Empowering youth through holistic Academic training and Empowerment is key to communal growth and stability.

 YHBI cherishes when youths are empowered and given an opportunity to lead and guide their generations. Both the Orphans, Vulnerable and Rehabilitated youths have the same chances to be given power, grow academically and professionally and ensure that there is none untrained.

YHBI offers sound psychosocial support, career Guidance and counselling together with peer counselling to the young people in both upper primary, Secondary Schools and colleges to bring up all round youths youth who can help in management and giving solutions facing the 21st Century and community at large..

Vocational education and training (VET) provides Youths with essential skills enhancing their employability, supporting their personal development and encouraging active citizenship and Community growth.

VET has the power to boost enterprise performance, competitiveness, research and innovation and most importantly self employment.

YHBI have identified the potential of youths in unlocking hunger and Nutrition gap and bring solution to food insecurity. The knowledge the gain in VET trainings will enable the community to thrive in food production.

YHBI desires to reach out to youths who are unable to get support for further training either after end of primary education or Secondary school.

Youths face different challenges within the society ranging from Joblessness, hunger, Poverty, political indifference amongst the communities and families, different political and religious ideologies and antisocial attitudes and behaviour that are uncalled for.  

It’s observed that the rate of suicide, un-called early marriages, unwanted pregnancies, Drugs and substance abuse is high amongst the teenagers and youths.

Bringing youths together, in trainings, seminars and conventions help in timely Mentorship to enable them build good virtues and support in personal growth, community peace building, harmony and cohesion.

YHBI has partnered with different Youth groups in Psycho-Social Support  services and community centered projects.

Gifts and Talents development is major factor in Youth Support and Development. Each youth is gifted in away that is unique. By getting a group of youth with common interest and goal is a treasure that must be cherished, natured and grown.

YHBI observes that a youth can be talented or gifted in either :Intellectual, High Achievement, Specific Academic, Leadership, Creative, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. Sports and Music are the most glaring talents that majority of the youths participate most.

YHBI partners with different youth organizations and groups in support  to help foster capacity building and development for the youths in each area of their interest, talents and gifts. Some of these can be transformed into professionalism like Football, Volley ball, Basket ball etc to help the youths get and earn a living and change the community.