YHBI is committed to Community Youth Entrepreneurship and Economic empowerment.

Supporting young people to develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in both Agri-Business, vocational training, access to finance literacy, mentorship, entrepreneurship and apprenticeship programs is the power that guarantee Socio-Economic stability and Community Development 


We focus in :


Education  support to Orphans and vulnerable youths from Slums. Technical and craft professional Training support :

Welding and fabrication



Trainings and Mentorship 


Psychosocial support to Youths with Medical Conditions

Guidance and counselling

Youth Groups Mentorship and Psychosocial programs

Youth Empowerment  programs in Visual ARTS

Opportunity for Youths to advance their knowledge after College training to get first hand experience into the market

Youths Economic Empowerment through Tailoring program.