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YHBI promotes a community Women led Empowerment programs that create pathways for growth and stability. 6 out of 10 women living in Migori slums struggle to live a life of dignity and putting food on the table become real struggle. YHBI is committed to restore hope to vulnerable women through:


1. Food and Nutrition security support.

2. Empowerment:

                  Ø Kitchen garden farming.

                  Ø Merry-go-round

                  Ø Table Banking support.

                  Ø Human rights and equality.


3. Clean water, sanitation, Health advocacy

Women engaged in Food and Nutrition security Empowerment in Suna west Sub-county , Post harvest Maize curing activity before storage.

A widow inspects her 3 acre farm in Suna West sub county.

Poultry farming project managed by women group in SunaWest Sub-county on food and Nutrition

security and poverty eradication 

Empowered women are like strong military with a might to carry the family

 and community on their back to rescue them from Hunger,

 illiteracy and foster development.

we must give them priority,

we must empower them.

Children Struggling to look for domestic clean water for family use.

Child scrambles for food left overs from the cooking pan after school