YHBI was initiated back in the year 2013 under the leadership of late Rev. Kennedy Opondo. The desire to offer helping hand to the Vulnerable Women, Orphans and impoverished children from needy families and homes was a key factor for the start of the program. 

The organization was first started as ChildCare center offering services to relieve women of the duty of baby seating at the expense of looking for paying jobs to cater for the family daily needs.

The program attracted over twenty women whose desire were to have child day care service provider who could give their children the best care service away from home. Most of these women were either divorcees, single mothers or widows, with inability and strength to meet all the family daily expenses and needs. The services were rendered free and the cost were settled by well-wishers who sympathized with the young children and their mothers and their situations at hand.

In the year 2015 about five young mothers who dropped out of school brought their children for care, and close examination revealed that their children were either product of rape or botched forced marriage. Later in the year another girl in primary school from very needy single family was rescued from committing suicide after the man who used to support her with sanitary towel impregnated her. At their tender youthful age, their dreams to be future professionals, leaders, investors and community builders were shuttered and their lives torn to pieces.

The passion and compassion for women, children, girls and youths was born, and with growing number of very needy children that was pilling up, HOPE BUILDERS ACADEMY was given birth to through the requests and urgent need of community women who could not afford fees in other Academies or government public schools and were wondering about how the future of their children could be. 

Mobilization of funds was urgent, both women, girls and youth seminars were initiated to see how to rescue them from future predicaments. School feeding program couldn’t be ignored and GIRL CHILD RIGHT’S, WOMEN RIGHT’S and YOUTH’S empowerment programs were prioritized. Organization was then registered as a YOUTH HOPE BUILDERS INITIATIVE Community Based Non profit Organization to fight for the rights of voiceless and give hope to the hopeless and the  weak, with an aim to  Educate, Train, Mentor, Equip and Empower them for the sake of the community growth and stability for generations and generations to come.

Caring for the little children