YHBI upholds Girl Child Rights and Dignity Advocacy and protection against: Rape, GBV, Early pregnancy, Discrimination, Gender Inequality, Stigma due to Adverse Medical Condition, Forced labor & Marriage, FGM, poverty, Psychosocial challenge amongst others.

Training, Mentorship and equipping Girls Academically, professionally, intellectually is the core business of YHBI.


We look forward for a community whose growth is spurred by women and youths.


We cannot always watch when our girls continue to
live in fear, fear from the enemy of their very own
lives and humanity…. 
We must ACT NOW. 

The agony of routine shame of lack of knowledge on sexual health and menstrual support by girls is manageable through partnership we have with ministry of Health and health professionals. 

We offered guidance and counselling to 1, 857 Teenagers and adolescent girls on:
1. Sexual health orientation Menstrual management and hygiene.
2. Early unwanted pregnancies, pre-marital sex caution, dangers focus.
3. Menstrual product distribution and Support.
4. Guidance and counselling on STIs and HIV/ ADS awareness.
5. Mental health support.
6. Psychosocial support to girls with acute health conditions and those with physical disability. 

Girls and women experience a lot of evil challenges including Rape and Sexual harassments, which lowers women dignity and self worth. 

YHBI commits to advocate for women respect, care, Mentorship and Empowerment to standout and condemn these heinous acts. 

we must create and make peaceful community worthy of our girls to live and stay. community practices like GBV and FGM creates fear and instability and lowers self esteem of our girls and must be condemmed.

About 60% of our Girls experience such evil and must be protected and their rights defended. 

Young Women & Girls of all backgrounds deserve access to accurate, comprehensive, and age-appropriate sexual health education, care and
 menstrual product Support.

School dropout amongst the Girls in Suna West and Nyatike stands out at 10.5% due to various reasons including:  Lack of parents (ORPHANS & VULNERABLE GIRLS), poverty, early unwanted pregnancies, Forced marriage, Lack of school fees, negative peer influence etc. 

Girls are denied opportunity of completing their studies and therefore become more of a family burden and the only option remaining is marriage where they are also mishandled. 

When we educate our Girls, we are certainly sure that the whole community is Empowered


Girls’ talents development is as interesting as any other.  They have the stamina to see that they succeed in whatever they do. Each youth is gifted in a way that is unique.

By getting a group of youth with common interest and goal is a treasure

that must be cherished, Natured and Grown. 

YHB supports creativity nature and participation of girls both in Visual Arts and Performing Arts. Sports and Music are the most glaring talents that majority of the Girls participate most. We cherish support and partner with as many girls as possible to higher and international levels. 

YHBI recognizes that Girls with either Physical impairment, medical conditions ie Tb, Cancer, HIV/ADS, Malnourished etc have equal rights to access education and social services just like any other. 

Empowering and enabling them succeed in life starts with enabling them attend school, have academic materials and also providing their school fees and any material that may be needed in school together with medical services that are so important to them.

we desire to partner with any like minded organizations, groups and persons whose desire is to see that these needy girls are supported for the noble cause.



YHBI is dedicated to rally the community on the way it perceives and advocates for Girls struggling in silence. We aim at offering relief to girls facing different life threatening challenges and struggles.

The heart and the scars on the mind Hurts more than the open wounds on the body. 

Mental challenges must be handled effectively well, 

we CARE.