1. Women.
  2. Children (OVC).
  3. Vulnerable Girls.
  4. Youths.

Funding constraints,

Inadequate infrastructure and equipments,

Limited access to local food items,

Unpredictable Sustainability of the feeding programs.

Low Nutritional value of a food items,

Shortage of water,

Food insecurity,

Harsh climatic conditions in nyatike area

  • Boosting of children turnout to schools.
  • Beneficial for the physical growth and activities.
  • Elimination of nutritional disorders and deficiency diseases.
  • Mental and psychosocial development of school-age children and adolescents.
  • Essential to provide a balanced diet to ECD children which would in turn enable the children to increase their attention span hence better academic achievement.
  • Development of children to their full potential.

Higher pupils and students enrollments in pilot schools.

Promote higher school attendance and reduce dropout rates.

Relief to women who cannot afford family meals.

Reduced malnutrition and diseases related to it.

Observable good class participation, understanding and academic performance.

Enhanced co-curriculum activity participation.

Good sense of love and belonging.

Success feeding program and support at Hope Builders Academy, Suna West 800 and Nyatike 170


Fewer classes that can hold fewer pupils.

High staff turnover due to low staff pay

Lack of enough Techers and pupils Exercise books, Teaching AID, Chairs and Desks.

Lack of purified drinking and cooking water leading to overreliance from suppliers which is expensive and unsustainable.

Full support to the Orphans and Vulnerable children of school uniform, gameskirt, reading materials, Meals and transport.

Pupils exhaustion due to long distance they cover on foot both to and from school.

Children insecurity when alone on the road to school and back home.

Fewer child friendly playing items including swings, merry go round, dolls among others.


YHBI have developed tailor made programs to assist needy enrolled women:


Table Banking.


Entrepreneurial trainings and Mentorships.

Construction of Shelters and houses to most Vulnerable poor widows.

Provision of farm inputs like Seeds, Fertilizers and insecticides.

Organization of seminars, trainings and  women groups.

Gender Based Violence – GBV


Forced labor.

Divorce and Separation.


Discriminations from family member and community.

Poverty and joblessness.

Hunger and vulnerability to oppressions and depression.

Adverse medical conditions and stigmatization ie HIV/AIDS, TB, CANCER amongst others.

Lack of descent housing and shelters.

Poor living standard and inability to support their families.




Descent living standard.

Women who can feed their families without begging for food or support from people

A woman who knows her worth and rights.

Women who are approachable and amiable.

Empowered women who knows how to communicate effectively. …

Women who shows courage towards community building.

Informed women who knows their rights and roles on Nation building.

Woman who stands up for their beliefs and challenges the status quo.


  • Awareness and Sensitivity. 
  • Unlearn gender biases. 
  • Diversity in workplaces. 
  • Supporting women-run businesses. 
  • Communicate and educate.
  • Community Project ( Tree planting, Women and Girl child rights crusades)

Orphans and Vulnerable girls within the community.

Girls who are victims of Rape, GBV, and FGM.

Community Girls vulnerable to Rape, GBV, FGM .

Very needy Girls who cannot afford Education cost.

Girls who need Menstrual products and sexual health mentorship.

Academically bright girls who have discontinued their education due to unplanned pregnancies’ due to poverty or rape.

Girls who comes from very poor families.

Girls rescued from street.


power to participate in community development and food security.
Improved social skills,
improved behaviour,
increased academic accomplishment,
increased self-esteem,
and increased self-efficacy,
Positive sense of self Self- control,
Decision-making skills, 
Amoral system of belief
Pro-social connectedness.
  • Academic support and vocational trainings and empowerment.
  • Mentorship on dangers of  sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • sensitization and training on dangers of Drug and substance abuse.
  • Technical skills on handcrafts, and industrial development support.
  • Knowledge Development. …
  • Talents and ability development ie sports, music,
  • Personal Development Trainings and Programs. 
  • Coaching. 
  • Socio-civic Involvement. 
  • Psychosocial Interventions. 
  • Health and Medical Services. 
  • Skills Development.
  • Trainings and Mentorship programs in handcraft ie welding,wood work, Masonry.

Enrollment into children Day Care Unit for the children under 3 years.

School Children feeding program.

Academic sponsorship.

Talents and gift developments.

Provision of Free School uniform, Game skits, School shoes, Reading and  writing materials

Provision of cloths, beddings and shelter to homeless children and their parents.

Academic sponsorship.

Girl child right Advocacy

Girl child early and forced marriage rescue Plan and advocacy.

Anti FGM crusader

Training of girls on hand craft , weaving, tailoring among others.