Community WASH programs advocates for end of open defecation, poor sanitation and lack of clean domestic water in Suna-West and Nyatike Sub Counties.

YHBI cares for Women and Girls, Children, the Sick and the Elderly Empowerments by providing good environment for the family and community health through good Sanitation, clean domestic water, and community health.

 Women and children are relieved from long distance search and water point scrambles and fighting.

A woman and her children Fetching unpurified water for domestic use

Pit latrine in bad state still in use as there is no alternative but open deification 

Adequate Water, sanitation and Health is a relieve to

 Women and also essential to childhood survival and

 development, improving children’s education, 

increasing productivity and building resilience

 in the face of disease and disaster.

New Village toilet in final state in Suna West for use.

A woman fetches clean drilled water in Suna West

Community water and Toilet for  women empowerment program in Suna West