It is observed that about 80% of all the diseases and of about 25 % of deaths that occur in developing countries are caused by consumption of polluted water sources and insufficient clean water supply, sanitation and hygiene.

This is worse in the places where many people are living but there is no sufficient toilets/ Pit latrines for use.

YHBI is concerned about how to avert perennial emergence of common water related diseases like diarrhea, cholera, malaria, dysentery, typhoid fever diseases which are a threat to the community and also poses a serious risk of malnutrition.

One family one latrine / toilet and One village one Borehole movement aims to see community safety and health restore.

Persistent and widespread hunger and malnutrition remain a huge challenge in some parts of the country. The 2015/16 Kenya household and Budget Survey showed that a significant percentage of Kenyans are food insecure.

The report indicated the national food poverty headcount rate for individuals at 32%, implying that about 14.5 million individuals are below the food poverty line. Food poverty incidence is highest in rural areas representing 35.8 percent of the population living below the food poverty line.

YHBI rallies the community, other organizations, Families, Faith based institutions, both Women and Youth groups to embrace Agri-Business, farming opportunities on drought resistant crops like Cassava with additional Nutritional value.

We advocate each family to have at least one Acre land to grow subsistence food crops. This will eliminate hunger and boosts our Nutrition.

Interference  with our forests and deforestation activities like charcoal burning, wood for fuel, cutting down forests to create farms or pastures, or for other reasons.

This is one of the major contributor of Global warming since forests that should absorb carbon dioxide are few and continue being fewer.

Deforestation, together with agriculture and other land use changes, is responsible for roughly a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions.

YHBI advocates for stoppage of deforestation activities both at family and community level. Families and community must reserve the available trees and an alternative source of fuels and building materials embraced.

YHBI identifies that environmental management is a responsibility of everyone. We embrace public awareness campaign and mentorship programs both the stakeholders in public places are involved.

Market and bus stop cleaning activities, proper disposal of wastes and good usage of both water and sanitation facilities are key factors that forms our daily agendas.

YHBI identifies major stakeholders like the Women and youths groups together with administrative officers as the change makers that must be supported in this movement following distribution of litter bins to schools, markets and bus stops to help the general public in proper waste management and disposal.

Tree planting and flower management to beautify the environment movement and afforestation activities, are major projects that the organization manages.


YHBI identifies the rights that include women nondiscrimination, the right to survival and development of potential, protection from harmful influences, abuses and exploitation, and full participation in family, cultural and social life as game changers in the fights on women and Girl child rights.

GBV, FGM, Violence against women, Gender inequality and discrimination form our backbone initiative support for both women and Girls. Their rights must be upheld within the confine of the law and community borders.

YHBI Sector Forum for Peace and Cohesion is a tailor made instrument to enhance community cooperation, coordination and information flow between members of different families with the community leadership on issues related to Unity, peace, cohesion and security.

Our main objective is to overcome barriers to creating peaceful community; people centered policy; more coherent initiatives that help prevent and reduce violent conflicts; dialogue and collaboration processes at local during and after electioneering period.

Speedy resolution to any form of Grievances that can cause conflict rooted in experiences of social exclusion and inequitable access to basic services or facilities.

YHBI focuses on:

Gender Equity, Equality and Inclusion of Women empowerment in peacebuilding

  • Participation and the meaningful engagement of children, adolescents and young people in decision making.
  • Prevention, Management and social dimensions of conflict both during and after Electioneering period.