YHBI believes in the power and potential locked up in the young brains and minds of the children. We open our arms and doors to support needy children in Education and relevant child friendly education and mentorship programs. We are open to partner with like minded organizations and groups.

We are currently sponsoring 185 children enrolled for competency Based Curriculum Education at Hope Builders Academy .

We are targeting 1,600 very needy orphans and vulnerable children in different public primary schools within Suna West and Nyatike Sub-Counties for basic Educational material support and feeding program.

YHBI focuses on child’s firm foundation, both in academics and psycho-social life. The Child is natured and mentored to be responsible and respectful to their peers and develop heart of compassion to others.

The ability of a child to express him/her self and voice on their challenges and what they need is key to their future success in professions and their community development.

 In order of a child to develop well, proper guidance and sound teaching must be embraced to unblock every hindrances and barriers in life. The teachers and instructors are key role model towards the child development.

Hope Builders Academy provide room of making our children become real agents of change and strengthen community stability and growth.

YHBI embraces children feeding program to help learners get prepared and ready to learn without classroom hunger. Nutrition enables the learners to stay healthy, stronger and ready to concentrate in class work.

Children from very poor families, orphans and other vulnerable children with medical condition are sure of getting education as their meals are a guarantee.

It is observed that children  display  higher class concentration and ability to participate in both academic and co-curriculum activities without complain or exhaustion.


YHBI feeding program have seen reduced cases of malnutrition,

Healthy Mind with high performance expectation. We have also observed that children who eat together develop the art of Love , Unity, Cohesion, sense of Equity and Equality and compassion for one another.

Children Psychosocial development is very important to be natured and managed well. YHBI embraces a talent development to help the children do exactly what they love doing.

Self-confidence is developed with sense of resilience and self-regulation skills is developed when the children are understood and given opportunity to practice. This enables the children to have the confidence of self-expression in a new and creative way.

YHBI is committed to help the child discover what they are good at through what they love doing. This is to help boost the child self- esteem and desire to perfect what they are good at.

We expose children also into extra-curriculum activities including Sports, Music through music festivals, Debate, Wild life clubs, Scouting, Academic contests, Red Cross amongst others.

YHBI desires that every child and Leaner be exposed and equipped with ICT tailor made skills to help them access  relevant information with ease and increase their creativity. 

ICT literacy will enable the children to know the art of selecting necessary information and in turn boost their creativity and ability to think.

YHBI envisions that every child be mentored in ICT field to endow them with essential skill such as problem solving, resulting into critical thinking and creativity competency which is important and must be natured in them. 

 We are optimistic to help our children compete within the Global world state.