YHBI has established Community Based Child Day Care Services to women whose desire is to have child day care service provider who could give their children the best care service away from home. 

The organization envisions to offer Child friendly Day Care with  well Monitored services with an aim to relieve women off the duty of baby seating at the expense of looking for small businesses or paying casual jobs to cater for their family daily needs. 

Priority is given to single vulnerable women who are either: Widows, Single mothers, Divorcees, and any  other women with medical condition and  whose income and family living standard cannot guarantee proper child care, safety and security.

Caring for the little children
  1. For all the precious things our hands have held the best,  by far are young vulnerable babies.
  2. we keep our children safe and secure, through daily meals and planning

Children have neither past nor future. They enjoy the present, Lets join hands and give them the best.