YHBI has established Child Day Care Services to women whose desire is to have child day care service provider who could give their children the best care service away from home. 

The organization envisions to offer Child friendly Day Care with  well Monitored services with an aim to relieve women off the duty of baby seating at the expense of looking for small businesses or paying casual jobs to cater for their family daily needs. 

Priority is given to single vulnerable women who are either: Widows, Single mothers, Divorcees, and any  other women with medical condition and  whose income and family living standard cannot guarantee proper child care, safety and security within Suna West subcounty.


Daily feeding program.

Baby walking.

Baby Singing.

Baby Playing activities.

Baby cartoon watching.

Baby Color Identification.


This is a Women empowerment program both for single mothers, widows, divorced and women with medical conditions together with those who are socio-economically challenged and need support.

YHBI envisions Women who are equipped to manage and handle all the challenges of the 21st Century with confidence. Self-worth and confidence are major pillars that hold on the key to performance and societal influence and decision making. The right to be knowledgeable and the right to have access to opportunities and resources propel women to have power to control their own lives, both within and outside the homes.



Capacity Building.

Collaboration and Partnership.

Trainings and outreach.

Women Rights and Advocacy.

Psycho-social Support:

                                      a) Guidance and counselling to Women with depression.

                                      b)Shelter and accommodation support.

                                      c) Anti-FGM, Gender inequality Advocacy.

                                       d) GBV and Rape victims support and Advocacy.


Suna west is blessed with old aged persons with more than 75years languishing in adverse poverty and some face family rejection.  YHBI has a program that care for the elderly and show them love and acceptance within their homes. 

Gold Age Support program:

Psychosocial Support program: 

                 a) Psychosocial counselling from Depression.

                 b) Shelter and House building programs.

                  c) Routine material and food support.

                  d) Health Medicare Support.



Girls in Suna west and Nyatike Sub Counties faces a number of challenges ranging from negative cultural practices, family faith and  believes, community views amongst others.

YHBI upholds Girl Child Rights  and Dignity Advocacy and protection against: Rape, GBV, Early pregnancy, Discrimination, Gender Inequality, Stigma due to Adverse Medical Condition, Forced Marriage, FGM, poverty, Psychosocial challenge amongst others.


Psychosocial Support: 

a) Peer Guidance and Counselling.

b) Anti FGM Advocacy.

c) Anti GBV, Forced marriage and Inequality support.

d) sexual Health and Menstrual product Mentorship and Support.

e) Rape and Sexual harassments Protection Advocacy.

f) Education and Professional support.



YHBI embraces child education at heart and commits to bring many children into life transforming sound child friendly education system. The YHBI Community Based Children Preparatory Center is Christian Based foundational that believes on Love, service and Quality education. The Goal is to build strong children from broken families and to activate the Child’s own natural desire to learn to free their potential and expose them into community transformation. 

Our capture region includes children from humble and vulnerable families, single mothers, Widows, Children rescued from streets and total orphans from the Migori Slums including Oruba, Onyinjo, Dip, Nyangubo , Karoso, Center Kamasara, Sangla, Kajatinga, Total, Kimadui, Nyasare, Pand Pieri and Sauri Yako.


a) TOTO Care Program.

b) Pre-Schools I& II

c) Lower Primary

Core Service areas:

                                    1) Psychosocial Support (Feeding program, Academic                                                     material support, Guidance & Counselling)

                                    2) ICT Based teaching.

                                    3) Skills and Talents Development.

                                    4) School Feeding Program.



YHBI identifies that the foundation and strength of each community, is the education and support of its youths. Youth Awakening Program is a Community Based approach to Train, Mentor, Equip and Empower youths with necessary skills and ability to help in both self and community growth and establishment.

We desire to enable the youths to be able to transform their society and not to be misused during and after electioneering period or by negative peer influence to cause destruction of properties or cause injuries to people and deaths.

YHBI brings the youths from all the communities to campaign for LOVE, PEACE, UNITY & COHESION and denounce social vices like RAPE and SEXUAL HARRASHMENT, GBV, INEQUALITY, FGM, ROBBERY, SUBSTANCE & DRUG ABUSE amongst other



a) Psycho social support (Peer Guidance & Counselling, Academic and Social                                                    material support …… )

b) Academic Empowerment & Support.

c) Technical and Vocational skills training & Support.

d) Youth Talents and Gifts development & Support. (Sports & Music )

e) Youth Entrepreneurship mentorship and support. 

f) Youth AgriBusiness Training and Mentorship program.




YHBI recognizes that Classroom Hunger is the negative force towards young children switching off from School and academic programs and is also the major reason to poor performance and negative attitude towards academics.

School feeding programs provide meals to children who hardly get well balanced meal in their home. Some children who hardly get food at home finds relief when served meals and given opportunity to be in classroom. Immediate feedback is improved classroom participation and good perfomance, well attended outdoor activities like swimming, games etc.



We envision to feed 2000 children both in Suna West and Nyatike sub-Counties from chosen pilot schools.

a) Provide Blended 10 o’clock porridge to children.

b) Provide well balanced lunch food.

c) Provide milk to children suffering from malnutrition.

d) Provide food substance to families that suffers from acute malnutrition and cannot afford to access food. 

e) Offer home visits and support to the children with malnutrition disorders ie marasmus, kwashiorkor and others.

f) Support the families with acute malnutrition with farm inputs to stop over dependence on feeding program donations.



This is a village based Specific program that proposes the use of multifaceted and well-coordinated strategy for community empowerment. We focus on the welfare of the residents of particular village and uplift their living standards. Our strategy ensures that every village gains the power to re-direct the growth of families and Nation and live healthy. Our strength is to address extreme poverty, lack of most basic facilities & Support holistically communities that lack the resources to meet basic human needs with focus to: Women, children. Girl child, Youths, Orphans, Street children, Aged, persons with medical conditions and Persons With DIssability.


Migori county has 252 villages of which 94 are in Suna West and Nyatike sub counties.


Our Mission: Adopt a village for change and transformation of the community.


Our Vision: Adopting a village to change the socio-economical, Psychosocial and community unity and cohesion for resource mobilization, equal share of developed and installed projects for the benefit of all.


a) Water and Sanitation.

b) Nutrition and Food Security.

c) Climate Change and Forests conservation.

d)Peace, Unity and Cohesion Advocacy.

e) Women and Girl child Rights  and Gender Quality advocacy.

f) Self Sustainable Economic Planning. (Agri-Business, Handcraft, Table Banking etc)

h) Quality Education and Training.

 i) Environmental Management.

j) Health Care promotion _ Medical camps.

k) Psychosocial support to very needy persons (Both Material and psychosocial Counselling)