To Give Hope and transform lives of children and Youths into a promising future and right livelihood for self- sustaining community.


To Improve the quality education and life standard of the Children and Youths through viable initiatives and development programs.


  1. Community
  2. Commitment
  3. Integrity
  4. Transparency
  5. Accountability
  6. Result Based Management


  1. Education, Training & Mentorship.
  2. Empowerment & capacity building
  3. Food and Nutrition Security
  4. Community WASH program
  5. Human rights, Equality, Diversity and inclusion


Youth Hope Builders Initiative is comited to:


“Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man”.

Youth talents and ability mentorship is key to empowerment.  We will support them for they hold the Key to community growth and stability.

There is no limit to what  women can accomplish when Given the right Empowerment…. We support them equip them, we care for them.

We are dedicated to see our Girls grow up safe, healthy, and ready to succeed and we support them to gain knowledge and skills to make healthy decisions about sexual health and Management.

We support and empower Women to influence the community through Food and Nutrition Security.  When a women achieve power, the barriers  falls. Families are fed and malnutrition erased.

Community Health starts from simple things…” Stop and Manage open defication by building community, accessible toilets and Water.

In terms of sanitation, the status quo of open defecation is acceptable because it’s what people have always done. We educate people and build descent toilets.


YHBI is a Community  Based Non-Profit Organization, that is geared towards empowering the community through   Girl child support programs, Youths Education and Empowerment, ChildCare and Education, Sound Foundational education to enable Orphans , Vulnerable children from poor and  family background live dignified livelihood.

Our main objective is to foster Children, Youths  and Women empowerment and rights advocacy through the community led programs. Children are among the neglected members of the community and they struggle to find education at their tender ages. There is minimal involvement of both youth and children in decision making programs as well as lack of education and little awareness about health. >>>>

Children are equally under the mercy of the prevailing family circumstances, and always become victims of Gender Based Violence. Children at the school going age rarely eat three meals a day, and as a result most of the children switch off from academics, suffer from malnutrition and health related sicknesses that comes with either too little food or food that lacks balanced diet. Its observed that classroom hunger facing most children in Kenya has negative impact on children especially school attendance rate and ability to perform in class, this in turn affects both the families and society at large. >>>>

On the other hand, Girls equally face numerous challenges ranging from GBV, Rape & Sexual harassments , FGM,  extreme poverty, Early Pregnancy. forced marriage, Gender inequality amongst others. We care about our Girls and Youths as well and are open for Mentorship Programs, Academic and Professional Support, Talents and Gift abilities Mentorships amongst others. >>>


we operate in both Suna West and Nyatike Sub Counties and our head office is in Migori Town, Hope Builders Academy.